You have prepared for this moment for your entire life. Committing yourself to the man of your dreams, the woman who soothes your soul; for as long as you can remember you have waited, dreamed, planned, and thought about this day. So how do you document this joyeous occasion? Uncle Bob is a “photographer”, my friend she is a “photographer” they will shoot my wedding. The truth is, Uncle Bob and your friend, may indeed be photogrpahers or they may be hobbiests, who take great photos of trees, shrubs, flowers and mountains and those things are beautiful, and admirable. But, this is your day. Not like any other day your wedding day is preasure packed, with plans and schedules and has been a lifetime of planning.

There are three things we say to that here at Bryan Steffy wedding photography:  

1. While Uncle Bob or your friend may indeed be great at what they do, why not invite them to enjoy your wedding, rather than “work” your wedding?

2. In high preasure and the most intense events, turning to a professional to capture those images is a no brainer and many, cleints turn to a true, seasoned professional, like Bryan.
3. And, probably the most important. Why risk yoru friendship, or awkward future situations with your family, if, those you have entrusted to capture your day, fail?

 In Las Vegas they turn to Bryan Steffy, a Las Vegas wedding photographer, who has been steeped in the most sensative, and preasure situations imaginable. Capturing over 100 weddings per year as well as celebrity red carpets, events of all kinds, with clientle like Jose Cuervo, Blush Nightclub @ Wynn, Paris Hilton Entertainment, Nicky Hilton World Wide, Esquire Magazine and the list is too long to list here, but, Bryan, knows preasure, and outpreforms the competition. When your image is important to you, and you want more than a snapshot, or more than a picture, or more than a photo, but an image, a theme, a piece of art, a story captured, a moment realized bringing to images your lifes dreams and plans. Then the choice is clear.

The one word that sums up the about page for Bryan Steffy, a Las Vegas photographer, is experience. You want to look your very best on the most important day of your life. Las Vegas is a city of gambling, and fun, where dreams are broken and realized everyday; don’t gamble on your image. Your image is worth everything and it is priceless.

Being a photographer in Las Vegas, has brought me many opportunities in life. And I would like to take a moment to congratualate you on this wonderful and fullfilling journey called marriage. Photographing weddings is not just a career for me, it’s personal; Personal, because every wedding is filled with romance, and love and why wouldn’t that be appealing for someone to be a part of. I take great pride in creating images, not just pictures, or snapshots, but works of art, caught moments in time forever etched on a canvass of film. Though I work entirely in the digital media, it is the knowledge of film that allows me to produce such things. When the champagne, and food, decorations, and dancing; when the vows are said, and the walk down the isle, done; when the day is over your left with only memories in your mind, and the photos. Those to me are priceess. I am a romantic; I love to believe that there is love in the world and that two people fall in love and love together the rest of their lives. Being a part of that is special to me, a pleasure and an honor and it is with the most hunmilty that I say, my promise to you is this: I will without fail, give for you the very best effort I possibly have, and create for you, custom, professional, artistic images, for you most important day, which is why the number on these pages is my personal number. When you call you talk to me, not a secretary. I wish you only the best in your journey, and congratualtions.